Flowers in the sanctuary today are in memory of Tom Nicolson.

Our organist this morning is Shenna Fox.

Thanks to all those who contributed to last week’s offerings:
Freewill Offering £476.50
Open Plate £190.45
Total £666.95

Welcome Desk:
If you know of anyone who is in or just out of hospital or who needs an elder or staff member to call, please leave the information at the Welcome Desk. We would also appreciate suggested names to receive flowers after today’s or a forthcoming service – call at the Welcome Desk.

The monthly Prayer Diary:
For 2018 we have decided not to give the Focus Groups a month but to ask that each Group contribute ONE item (at least) per month. If you have a specific date please hand it in as early as possible. These can be given as a bullet point and we will expand. All requests can be given to Myra, Christine or Hannah or left in the Prayer Diary Pigeonhole in the Elders Room. Thank you.

February Issue of Clarion now available for uplift and distribution.

AYE·Mac (Men’s Group):
AYE•Mac (Men’s Group) games night on Tuesday 6 February at 7.30 pm. All (men) welcome.

Kirk Session:
Elders are reminded that there are two meetings in February: our usual meeting on 13th and also on 27th for our Local Church Review (this is what the quinquennial visitation now is)

Painters required. Please contact Roy Marriott (233852) or John Weir ((247630)

Due to the heating work, the sanctuary will be out of use on March 4th, when we would ordinarily be having our quarterly communion. So our Quarterly Communion service will be one week earlier, on February 25th.

Claremont has Talent:
As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations we are having a Claremont has Talent Evening on Saturday 24th February at 7.30 pm. A fun night for all the family. Tickets now available. Entry is free but there will be an opportunity to make a donation on the evening. All welcome.

Heating System Works: Video link:
This video shows the new sanctuary radiator layout which will be installed over the coming months. It is a bit of a change from the existing layout but it will allow us to heat the space much more quickly and efficiently. The radiators are high quality and finished in a matt white. A small sample of the radiator type will be available to see on Sunday morning.

PLEASE NOTE: A meeting took place on Tuesday and there is now a clearer and different timetable of remaining work.
From now until the end of week beginning Mon 5th Feb, the contractors will be finishing off radiator and radiant panel installation throughout the halls. The following two weeks will see the pipework being insulated, the controls being installed and the boiler-house being completed. During the above period, we will continue to move users between halls to avoid those areas under possession of the heating technicians. There will be no major disruption up to & including Feb 25th.
From Mon 26th Feb until Fri 2nd March, we will be disconnecting the old heating system and commissioning the new one. There will be no heating in the building in that time.
On Mon 26th Feb, the contractors will start work on the Sanctuary. They will have possession of the area for a three week period during which time Sunday services will be moved to other areas of the building.
The schedule shows handover of the fully completed project during week of Mon 19th Mar.
In the meantime, fundraising efforts continue – if you wish to make a donation, please talk to Robert Robb or John Weir.

Growing Claremont:
as many members and friends interested in how the church not only survives but grows in our post-Christian society should plan to attend this series. All welcome. Information leaflets with a tear off response slip are available in the vestibule. Gordon Palmer and Ali Scott are happy to try to answer any questions that you have about the series.

Holiday Club:
After the success of our Holiday Club last year, we are already looking forward to Holiday Club 2018. We’ll be travelling from the Arctic and landing in Egypt for Pyramid Rock! The club will run from the 16th-20th July between 10am-12pm. But we’ll need help! We are looking for people who would be willing to help out with the groups. If you feel that this is something you would like to be involved with, then please contact Ali ( or talk to him after one of the services. We’re looking to start meeting in February to get planning, with one meeting each month until June, to cover and organise all that needs done.

will be available this year with eggs being made with Fair Trade ingredients. Details can be obtained from the Traidcraft table on Sundays or from Ian Harrow.

Golf Outing – Save the Date – 1 June 2018:
To all golfers in the church, to all those who think they are golfers, or to those who think they could be golfers – we’re hoping to run an outing to Callander Golf Club on Friday 1 June 2018. Full details of travel arrangements, cost etc. will be provided later but in the meantime we are looking for an indication of numbers, so if you are interested there is a sheet beside the bookstall for names. Prizes galore – and, all in all, a fun day out in store. Book early to avoid disappointment! For further information speak to David (McLaren) or Alan (Cuthbertson).

Flower Calendar:
Dates still available on the Flower Calendar for 2018. Please feel free to write your name and phone number on your chosen date.

SQA Invigilators:
Hutchesons’ Grammar School is looking for Invigilators for the forthcoming SQA Exams running from 30th May – 4th June. If you are interested and are free at this time please see Ian Harrow who will provide contact details. Payment is, of course, involved (for invigilating, not contacting Ian!)

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