Flowers in the sanctuary today are provided by the Flower Fund

The Organist today is Audrey McKirdy

Thanks to all those who contributed to last week’s offerings:

Freewill Offering £327.00
Open Plate £178.03
Total   £505.03

Welcome Desk:
If you know of anyone who is in or just out of hospital or who needs an elder or staff member to call, please leave the information at the Welcome Desk. We would also appreciate suggested names to receive flowers after today’s or a forthcoming service – call at the Welcome Desk.
We are sorry to note the death of one of our congregation’s members, Margaret Gray of Loch Maree, who died on Friday 28th December. Margaret’s funeral is to be on Friday 11th January at 11am at Claremont, and then on to Linn Crematorium, for 11.45am.
Also the death of Catherine McKendrick of Glen Farrar – who died Wednesday 2nd January 2nd. The funeral is also on Friday 11th January at 2.45pm at South Lanarkshire Crematorium.
Growing Claremont:
After his resurrection, Jesus gave his followers (the Church) their marching orders – to make disciples. Discipleship is simply learning about & following Jesus, what it means to call him “Lord”. Growing Claremont is a series aimed at doing just that – working out what it means to be disciples of Jesus today and facing up to the task of being his Church in today’s world. Having run this series last year, we are about to begin a second series, starting later this month. A series of 10 meetings over the year, meeting on the last Thursday of the month (apart from July), and finishing in November. If you are interested in taking part, or if you want more information, contact Ali Scott – or on 07763112600.
Focus Groups:
a new series begins from next Sunday, January 13th on “Loving the Lord’s People”, at how we are all called to love and serve together, bringing our varied talents and gifts, and building up the Body of Christ. For more information about when the various groups meet and how to be part of this key aspect of life at Claremont, contact Ali Scott (details above)
Healing Hour Service:
Monday 28th January 7.30pm – 8.30pm. From February until May the service will take place on the third Thursday of each month, at the earlier time of 7pm – 8pm. The dates are Feb 21st, March 21st, April 18th, May 16th. 3 John 2 “Beloved we wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.”
Flower Delivery Rota:
2019 rota can be collected from the polypocket beside the Flower List.

Holiday Club 2019:
We are starting to look at preparing towards our holiday club for summer 2019. This might seem like a long way away, but we do need to begin putting plans in place in order to make Space Academy 2019 as successful (and hopefully more so) than our previous holiday clubs. Given the great response and enthusiasm towards our holiday club from schools and families in the area, our team for 2018 was operating at capacity, with around 50-60 young people attending each day. In expectation of even greater numbers this coming year, we are hoping to see an increase in the number of people on the team in order to allow us to welcome even more children! We realise that not everyone is comfortable working with children directly, therefore, if you feel that you could help at holiday club by being involved in the registration of the children or making up the snacks for each day or indeed, being a group leader/team helper then please do contact Ali Scott ( or 07763112600). If you have any questions about what any of these things would look like or what would be expected of you then please do get in touch.

Phillipa Hanna:
Will be playing at Tron St Mary’s on 12th January 2019 at 7pm. Tickets can be obtained from Eventbrite.