Flowers in the sanctuary today are provided by Michael Bowyer

The organist today is Shenna Fox

Please note that the congregational prayer meeting will take place shortly after the service on 25th August 2019.

Thanks to all those who contributed to last week’s offerings:

Freewill Offering £115.45
Open Plate £103.00
Total   £218.45

Welcome Desk:
If you know of anyone who is in or just out of hospital or who needs an elder or staff member to call, please leave the information at the Welcome Desk. We would also appreciate suggested names to receive flowers after today’s or a forthcoming service – call at the Welcome Desk.

Summer Evening Services:
Aug 18th – joint service with Calderwood Baptist Church at 7pm at CBC. 25th August is the return of Last Sunday at Seven: 7pm at Calderwood Baptist Church.

Due to the success of the Spring Fayre in 2018 we have decided to commit to another one next year on Saturday May 16th 2020.
I would be delighted if the Congregation gave the same dedication and commitment as the last one. You were awesome! It is a great way to connect with the community again and in fact lots of folk have been asking about our next one. If you would be willing to do the same stall as last time that would be extremely helpful in the planning. Please let me know asap and if anyone else has some ideas and willing to help, that would be wonderful. Many thanks! Helen Cuthbertson

Used Bookstall:
Donations of used books would be very welcome. Fiction only please.

All Age Services:
We are hoping to pull together a selection of people from within the congregation to have a chat about the all-age services we’ve been doing lately. We’d like to think through what these services might look like and how they night be shaped going forward, whether or not we do carry them forward, and how regularly we night do them. We would like a range of opinions from across the congregation (both for and against) so that we can hear what’s working and what isn’t. We are meeting on Thursday 22nd August – if anyone would like to be part of this, please come and talk to me, or drop me an email (

Shoe Box Appeal:
Could we please have your empty unwanted shoe boxes (only boxes with separate lids) please. If possible could you please cover them or if that’s not possible, could you please donate Christmas wrapping paper for covering them. This would be very much appreciated. Many thanks! Monday Focus Group. Liz Simpson 01355 233326

Safeguarding Volunteer Training:
Just a gentle reminder that Strathaven: Trinity are hosting a Volunteer training event on Saturday 14 September from 10am until noon. At the moment the numbers are very low and if not increased this event may not go ahead. This is for any volunteers working in a church organisation with children and young people and/or vulnerable adults. If you are a volunteers who fit the above criteria and are able to go to this event, please let Moraig Drumgold or Mary McKinlay know as soon as possible. Thank you!

Please note:
The office will be closed on Monday 26th August.