Men of all backgrounds, ages, nationalities and sporting interests (football, cricket, baseball, basketball and rugby to name a few!) are members of Claremont. Our aim is to help them come to faith in Jesus Christ and then to help and encourage them as they seek to grow and live out their lives for him.

As well as Sunday Services and small groups where we study the Bible and learn more about God, we encourage men to get involved in the life of the Church and in our Men’s Group.

Our Men’s Group is a monthly event seeking to bring together men of all ages from our congregation. All men are welcome to attend our events.  Each event will have a different feel, however we will often hear some teaching and engage in some discussion around the topic of the event.

We’ve been running for less than a year, but we’ve already had quite a varied selection of nights. In the future, we hope to organise curry evenings, host speakers, and go on some outdoor activities as opportunities for men to get together.