Third Day

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“The Biggest APP Store in the Known Universe” is the title of our next Third Day on Sunday 23rd April 2017 at 10.30am in the large hall. Tam Stevenson will be helping us reflect on how far we humans are willing to go to find excitement or danger or fulfillment, and what risks are involved….

About Third DayThird_Day

Third Day is a new and alternative way to worship God through loud music and informal, interactive praise!

Third Day is a place where people celebrate God and worship using loud music, great new songs and audio visual presentations. It is aimed at the young and the young at heart!

Come along for loud Rock Gospel music, refreshments, big screen audio visuals, singers, informal, interactive, lively and new worship!

Third Day takes place on (usually) the third Sunday each month except for July, August and January. Dates for your diary still to come this year are 23rd April, 21st May and 18th June.Dates for after the summer will be confirmed in due course.

Most months, we have a follow-up cafe style discussion the following Sunday in the small hall, “Third Daybate”, to which all are very welcome

Third Day Service