Our vibrant youth ministry is designed to see young people discipled in their faith in the context of close and positive relationships with one another and with the leaders. The gospel message lies at the heart of all that we do with our young people. They face the twin dangers of believing that they can only be made right with God through being good or alternatively that because they are forgiven how they behave now doesn’t matter. Our Youth programme seeks to help young people to follow the third path: made right with God through Jesus alone and now being changed by Him into a new creation.



A group for S1-S6 to study the Bible and grow together in Christ. At the moment, Re:New meets on zoom 10.30am - 11.30am on Sunday mornings. We use Bible-based material to see Jesus and his redemptive work at the heart of every passage. This important group helps young people make the links between the gospel and their everyday lives. To get the zoom link, contact the church office.


Crossword S1-S6

This is our vibrant youth group with much fun and games and learning together about life and God. At lock-down season, Crossword meets on zoom on Wednesdays 7:30 – 9:00 pm. New comers are welcome to join this group! Contact church office to be put in contact with our youthleaders.

Lunchtime Drop-in (Calderglen High Pupils) (suspended due to lock-down)

Thursday 12:30-1:15pm (Small Hall)

A place to relax and eat your lunch, have a chat and play table football.


20th E.K. Guides (age from 10 yrs)

Monday 7:15 – 9:00pm (Primrose Room and Large Hall)

Boys Brigade

Boys Brigade Company Section (P7-S3)

Friday 7:00 – 9:30pm (All Accommodation)

Visit the BB Website

Boys Brigade Senior Section (S4-S6)

Friday 8:00 – 10:00pm (Primrose Room and Large Hall)

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