Flowers in the sanctuary today are provided by Alison Ross.

Thanks to all those who contributed to the offering on 7th August.

Free Will Offering £ 44.20

Open plate £113.20

Total £157.40

WELCOME DESK: If you know of anyone who is in or just out of hospital or who needs an elder or staff member to call, please leave the information at the Welcome Desk. We would also appreciate suggested names to receive flowers after todays or a forthcoming service – call at the Welcome Desk.

SATURDAY COFFEE MORNINGS: As coffee mornings can now resume, the coffee morning list is now on the notice board opposite the kitchen. Should you or any group wish to host a coffee morning, please add your name to the list.

FUNERAL: We now have the details for the funeral of John McKechnie of Glen Clunie. The service is to be at 10am on Monday 15th August in South Lanarkshire Crematorium. Please remember John’s family in your prayers.

FAREWELL DINNER - FRIDAY 19th AUGUST: Can folks please be seated in the Sanctuary by 6 30pm.

Anyone who still has wine/refreshments to contribute - please will you leave in church office; this will greatly assist us.

LET THERE BE LIGHT: The lighting in the sanctuary has been in a dire state for a long time. We are now able to have it replaced, and work will begin on Monday 8th August. The sanctuary will be out of action for other purposes until August 18th or so.

We are VERY sorry for any inconvenience.

“CLAREMONT DURING COVID” Thanks for all the photos received – telling something of what went on among us in the last couple of years when we were less able to meet together due to the pandemic. The photos are up in the Sawers Room. We did not put captions beside the photos sent in, but there is space on the display and pencils/ pens available, so feel free to add a short description of what and why beside any of your photos.

OK, OK – some people were saying “I had meant to……. “ – if you still wish to, hand them in or send them to the office so that Eleanor can copy and add them. We’ll be adding some from the holiday club too. The photos will remain up for a couple of weeks.

FOCUS GROUP SERIES: A new series will begin, from Sunday 4th September, a 6 week series “Mark His Words – and Works”. A look at Jesus’ ministry and the call to follow, from Mark’s Gospel.

KIRK SESSION: The next Kirk Session meeting is on Tuesday 16th August, 6.45pm for prayer and 7.30pm for Session business. Minutes, agenda etc were emailed out on 4th August.

KIRK SESSION AND CONGREGATIONAL BOARD: As part of the Presbytery Planning Process that is going on, we have been instructed to arrange for a Session and Board meeting to hear about the proposals for East Kilbride and report back any views we have. There is not much wiggle room in terms of timing as the process is way behind schedule. We are arranging for a joint Board & Session meeting on Tuesday 13th September at 7.30pm. Please note the date. We expect there will be more information to follow.