Flowers in the sanctuary today are provided by Angus Main

The music today is provided by Anne Collard

Thanks to all those who contributed to last week’s offerings which will now not be counted until the following week.

WELCOME DESK: If you know of anyone who is in or just out of hospital or who needs an elder or staff member to call, please leave the information at the Welcome Desk. We would also appreciate suggested names to receive flowers after todays or a forthcoming service – call at the Welcome Desk.

RE:CREATE After a successful beginning last month, this new all age, taking-part-together service returns TODAY Sunday October 24th! You are invited to come and see. The service is suitable for all ages, for family groups, for folk on their own – for anyone and everyone! This week we are introducing PRAYER WRITING activity into the mix and David Brown is doing a presentation about his journey to using arts for the Kingdom. We meet in the Large Hall at 12 noon for fellowship lunch: Bring your packed lunch for this! The service is from 12.30pm – 1.30pm but with a flexi ending, meaning, you can leave if needs be earlier. See you there!

THE MESSAGE BUS: 27th October, will be the last time the Message Bus is with us. The bus will be parked at our church's car park and we are having a pizza night with the first session of Youth Alpha. On Wednesdays after that, Youth Alpha will become part of our Crossword program in the church premises. Any teenagers S1-S6 that you know of, even in your neighbourhood, send them over! The bus will be located near the church in the Tesco car park. Please pray for the team and for God to bring teens that are ready to engage with us and Jesus and for our own youth, for their growth and strengthening in faith. Thank you!

PRAYER MEETING: The monthly prayer meeting will take place next Sunday morning after the service. All welcome!

FOOD BANK - available on Tuesday mornings from 10am until noon. If you wish to donate food items, please place them in the trolleys within the supermarket that you are shopping in. If you would like to give a financial donation, please use this link:

CAFE CLARE - We are delighted that Cafe Clare will be opening its doors again on Tuesday from 10 - 12 noon. We will meet in the Sanctuary and measures are being taken to keep everyone safe. It will be lovely to catch up with everyone again, so why not drop by as all new faces warmly welcomed.


Leaflets are now available for this year’s appeal - Claremont have been supporting this for many years and it would be great to see a good response. This year boxes will be collected from STEWARTFIELD MORRISONS CAR PARK on WEDNESDAY 3rd NOVEMBER between 13.15-13.45 pm. If you are unable to take your box on this day please bring your covered box to church before 31st OCTOBER and some helpful volunteers will deliver for you. If you have not filled a box before, the leaflet has full instructions, so why not give it a try as the people receiving the boxes are so appreciative.

HALL LETTING: Win Baddon will be holiday from 19th October till 22nd November. Any queries regarding hall letting, please call Lesley at the office, 238088