Flowers in the sanctuary today are provided by Anne Pirie

The music today is provided by the Band

Thanks to all those who contributed to the offering on 14th November 2021.

Freewill Offering £110.00

Open Plate £ 69.00


WELCOME DESK: If you know of anyone who is in or just out of hospital or who needs an elder or staff member to call, please leave the information at the Welcome Desk. We would also appreciate suggested names to receive flowers after todays or a forthcoming service – call at the Welcome Desk

FUNERAL DETAILS: Cecily Nichol’s funeral will take place at South Lanarkshire Crematorium on Thursday 2nd of December at 3pm. Details for watching the funeral on livestream are as follows;

South Lanarkshire Chapel

Username sawe6381

Password 438821

FOOD BANK - available on Tuesday mornings from 10am until noon. If you wish to donate food items, please place them in the trolleys within the supermarket that you are shopping in. If you would like to give a financial donation, please use this link:

CAFE CLARE – is back and running well and safely. On Tuesdays from 10 - 12 noon. All welcome.

KIRK SESSION: we have had to change plans such that the next meeting of Session is on Monday 13th December, 6.45pm for prayer and 7.30pm for business: and will be via Zoom. Papers for the meeting will follow in due course next week.

PRAYER DIARY ATTACHED: Could all district Elders and Clarion Magazine distributors pick up some extra copies of the prayer diary and pass them on to the people in you districts or Clarion delivery areas that you think have not yet returned to church. These can be found on the table at the back of the sanctuary or in the alcove. Thank you so much!

FATHERS SONG: A male vocal group which is drawn from a number of different churches and who are inspired by their Faith to sing praises to God will be singing in EAST MAINS BAPTIST CHURCH on Saturday 11th December at 7.30pm. Tickets available from Helen Cuthbertson at £10, all proceeds will go to CAP. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

20th C BROWNIES are again collecting used stamps to send to RNIB. We sent away 2600 last year, and are hoping that you can help us to do the same this year! There will be a box in the library (outside the Church office) for you to put your donations in, or alternatively get in touch with me and I can arrange collection from you. Thank you. Dorothy Linn

20th C BROWNIES -The 20th C Brownies, who meet in Claremont Church, are celebrating their "50th Birthday" on 15th December 2021. To mark this event, and also fundraise, we are selling Commemorative pens @ £1 each. These are available on Sunday mornings from Dorothy & Gemma Linn, or from a Brownie. Please help to support us!


The Kirk Session understand that there are different views and understand reasons for both wanting to meet, and being hesitant about meeting. That both views exist is why we started with morning service only. We are not back to whatever was “normal” – nor might we ever be. We are therefore looking at how best we move on with the changes and opportunities that are around us.

Session decided at its last meeting to combine our monthly prayer meeting, and the monthly prayers for healing into a Sunday evening format. The prayer meeting (and its predecessor “Prayer and Praise”) and Prayers for Healing were both monthly. Putting them together gives us a fortnightly evening service. Meeting at 6.30pm, the next few months will be:

December 5th Prayer and Praise

December 19th Prayers for Healing

January 9th Prayer and Praise

January 23rd Prayers for Healing

February 6th Prayer and Praise

In the Prayers for Healing, each month we look at one of the passages where Jesus healed; and in the Prayer and Praise, each month will include a look at one of the prayers in Scripture. So, an evening service of music, teaching, reflection and ministry each time. All welcome.


We will be once again distributing hampers to our clients. These will contain everything needed for a Christmas Day meal plus a few extra goodies. If you would like to donate an item(s) there are leaflets available requesting specific items and there will be a drop off point here until 12 December.

If you would prefer to give a financial donation this is the link

Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated thank you.

CLAREMONT’S BIG CHRISTMAS CARD: We are once again doing Claremont’s Big Christmas Card. It will be located just left of the door to the sanctuary and this year we will be supporting Karen Palmer’s two nominated charities. Miscarriage Association and SANDS (still birth and Neonatal Death Society) Thank you!


Sunday, 28th Nov is the first Sunday in the season of Advent – during which we prepare for and focus on God’s Son coming into the world as one of us.

Sunday Services: at 10.30am will look at promises of the Messiah’s coming, in the book of Isaiah. Communion Service on Dec 5th.

Take A Good Luke: We encourage and challenge the Claremont family to read through the Gospel of Luke’s 24 chapters during the first 24 days of December. A daily reading of one chapter to focus on who it is who came, why he came, what he did, and why that still matters. As was the case last year, readings by members of the Claremont family, will be available online through our website and Facebook pages. For those not on the internet, or who wish to read it by and for themselves - open your Bible and go!

Annual Service of Remembering: 3pm on Sunday 12th December. This is a short service for all who wish to remember, give thanks for loved ones no longer with us. All are welcome, whether members of Claremont or not. If you know family/ friends who would value such an opportunity, please invite them. We plan to make the service available online also.

Christmas Services

Christmas Eve: Friday 24th: 6.30pm - for all ages. All welcome.

Watchnight Service: newly recorded, available online from 11.30pm

Christmas Day – again our service, is online – from 10.30am.

Sunday 26th at 10.30am Morning service - a Christmas Celebration:

DVDs: We are planning to have a new DVD of Christmas services, especially for those not on the internet. If you, or someone you know would like to receive one - please contact the Church office. They are free of charge. You could give one, or more, friends and family members!

ADVANCE is a compact Bible and Missions course designed to offer an introduction to practical Christian ministry that is rooted and grounded in the Word of God. The content of the course will enhance a student's ability in handling the Bible, understanding the gospel better and in broadening their horizons for mission outreach in a local or global arena.

The ADVANCE course hopes to serve those who are thinking carefully about their faith, who are keen to progress in discipleship or who are ready to engage with training for local community outreach or cross-cultural mission.

This programme is open to all ages from 18-80, and attendance can be arranged as a day student or as a residential student (although residential places are limited).

We would be grateful if you could direct the attention of some of your contacts to the ADVANCE course and encourage them to sign up for the duration of four weeks beginning 31 January 2022. Applicants are welcome to study the first half or the second half of the programme but preferably they should complete the whole four-week programme for maximum benefit. All the details and how to apply can be found on our website at