Come and See

Come and See is a five-part series designed to introduce you to the basics of Christianity. What (or more importantly, who) is it all about? Why is it important? And what does that mean for us?

In the past, this series has been run at Claremont with small discussion groups. This year, however, we've taken it online. Below are links to a series of services aimed at introducing you to the foundations of the faith.

You can also view and download the accompanying booklets that relate to these services below. Alternatively you can download the full set as one document here.

If you're already a Christian, perhaps you could try watching these videos and going through the accompanying booklets with someone who isn't.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us either by email or through our Facebook page.

Part 1

Who is Jesus?

Part 2

Why did He come?

Part 3

How did He become our saviour?

Parts 4 & 5

What happened next? And then, what?