In line with Government policy and advice from the Church of Scotland, we are cancelling all services and congregational gatherings until further notice.

    • We will still be broadcasting a morning service (at 10:30am) each Sunday via our website. The “Live Stream” page will give the most recent service, so it can be watched at times other than Sunday morning.
    • We realise that not everyone is on the internet so – there will be an alternative audio only option that we shall be trialling via telephone. More details will follow.
    • The church buildings will not be in use for meetings and gatherings.
    • Financial Giving - While a good proportion of our income comes via standing orders and so continues, so too do many of our overheads. We now face not receiving income via Sunday offerings and income from hall lets will stop completely. Therefore, while there are other needs and demands, please consider whether you could help – e.g. ensuring that FWOs reach us, changing to standing order, a special donation to support the congregation through these harder times.
    • We are working just now to put into place ways of keeping in touch, especially with folk on their own or vulnerable. But we can only go on the basis of information that we have. So, if you know of any pastoral need or other support required by anyone please get in touch. Either contact us via the Church Office, or contact the minister (tel 01355 248526; email )
    • We are especially keen that any requests for prayer or folk wanting to be prayed with should be met. Do get in touch.
    • We also are trying to organise some practical help for folk in need – shopping, prescriptions etc etc. More information will come soon – but in the meantime if you or anyone you know is in need of that kind of help, again contact the office or the minister.

For more information concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19) please refer to the NHS website